New Rep Kits

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  • Basic Kit:

    Value: $100; Cost: $60


     Beginner's Bible               Inferno in Tokyo
    Broken Way               Gratitude
    Promise of Dawn               NIV Value Thinline Charcoal


    Beginner's Bible    

       - Kenneth Taylor    
    Inferno in Tokyo

       - Marianne Hering
    Broken Way

       - Ann Voskamp
    Gratitude Coloring Journal

    Promise of Dawn

      - Lauraine Snelling

    NIV Value Thinline Bible

       - Charcoal/Black LeatherLike


    4 - Catalogues    
    5 - 2 part Retail Sales Slips

  • Children’s Add-On:
    Value: $65; Cost: $40


    Action Bible         Captain Absolutely
    Baby Moses and the Princess         Grandma Kisses

    Action Bible - Sergio Cariello
    Captain Absolutely - Stephen O'Rear & Chris Maselli
    Baby Moses & the Princess - I Can Read

    Grandma Kisses - Laura Neutzling



    Non-Fiction Add-On:
    Value: $65; Cost: $40


    Seeking Allah Finding Jesus         Angels to the Rescue
    Case for Christ        




    Seeking Allah Finding Jesus - Nabeel Qureshi
    Angels to the Rescue - Robert D. Lesslie
    Case for Christ - Lee Strobel


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    What is a New Rep Kit?

    The products in the New Rep Kit are carefully chosen, and represent “the best of the best” products from our line.  They are the items that we believe every Rep should have in stock at all times in order to anticipate your customers’ needs.  All items in the kits are in high demand—you shouldn’t get “stuck” with any of them!

    The Basic Kit is a pre-selected, $100 value assortment of new and bestselling books, offered to new Reps for only $60.  

    There are also three optional Add-On Kits, with $65 value selections from specialized categories (Children, Non-Fiction and Fiction & Gifts) which you may choose to add for only $40 each.


    What is the Purpose?

    The purpose of the New Rep Kit is to help you start your business and have an appropriate inventory on hand.



    Who is it For?

    • It is available for new Reps only
    • It must be bought within your first month






  • Fiction & Gifts Add-On:
    Value: $65; Cost: $40


    Proving         Threads of Suspicion
    Inspire Psalms         John 3 16 Bookmark and Pen


    Proving - Beverly Lewis
    Threads of Suspicion - Dee Henderson
    Inspire Psalms 

    John 3:16 Pen & Bookmark set