• March-April 2018 


    #1: Masterpiece

    by Francine Rivers


    Very First Easter         

    #2: Very First Easter

    Beginner's Bible series


    Road Home         

    #3: Road Home

    by Beverly Lewis


    Five Love Languages         

    #4: Five Love Languages

    by Gary Chapman


    3 Minute Devotions for Girls        

    #5: 3-Minute Devotions for Girls

    by Janice Hanna





    100 Devotions for Kids

    by Louie Giglio


     Captain Absolutely        

    #7: Captain Absolutely

    by Stephen O'Rear &

    Christopher PN Maselli


    Five Love Languages of Children         

    #8: Five Love Languages of Children

    by Gary Chapman


    Breath of Hope         

    #9: Breath of Hope

    by Lauraine Snelling

    Under Northern Skies #2


    Madman in Manhattan         

    #10: Madman in Manhattan

    by Marianne Hering

    Imagination Station #21










  • May 2018


    Believe Cross Bookmark         

    #1: Believe Cross Bookmark


    3 Minute Devotions for Girls 


    #2: 3-Minute Devotions for Girls

    by Janice Hanna


    Beautiful Blessings from God 


    #3: Beautiful Blessings from God

    by Patricia Raybon


    Note: This is the May Bargain Book of the Month, and is only at the sale price for the month advertised.

    3 Minute Devotions for Boys 


    #4: 3-Minute Devotions for Boys

    by Tim Baker




    #5: Joey

    by Jennifer Marshall Bleakley


    Looking Into You 


    #6: Looking Into You

    by Chris Fabry



    Messenger of Hope 


    #7: Messenger of Hope

    by Sam Wellman


    Beneath a Prairie Moon 


    #8: Beneath a Prairie Moon

    by Kim Vogel Sawyer


    Room on the Porch Swing 


    #9: Room on the Porch Swing

    by Amy Clipston


    I Can Only Imagine 


    #10: I Can Only Imagine

    by Bart Millard with Robert Noland