June 2018 

                  FROG Pencil        

    #1: FROG Pencil


    Hawaiian Quilt         

    #2: Hawaiian Quilt

    Wanda E. Brunstetter


    Note: This was the June Bargain Book of the Month, and was only available at the sale price for the month advertised.

    Hawaiian Discovery         

    #3: Hawaiian Discovery

    by Wanda E. Brunstetter


    Underground Railroad Brides         

    #4: Underground Railroad Brides Collection

    by Barbara Tifft Blakely & others


    Stretch Bangles        

    #5: Stretch Bangles: Lives in My Heart


    49th Mystic         

    #6: 49th Mystic

    by Ted Dekker

    Beyond the Circle #1


    Daring Venture         

    #7: Daring Venture

    by Elizabeth Camden

    Empire State #2


    On Heaven's Doorstep         

    #8: On Heaven's Doorstep

    by Andrea Jo Rodgers


    Be Still My Soul         

    #9: Be Still My Soul

    by Randy Petersen


    Night Night Farm         

    #10: Night Night Farm Touch & Feel

    by Amy Parker










  • July 2018


    Noah's Ark 3D PopUps         

    #1: Noah's Ark 3D Pop-Ups


    Note: This was the July Bargain Book of the Month, and was

    only available at the sale price for the month advertised.

    Big Trucks 


    #2: Big Trucks Touch & Feel Book


    House at Saltwater Point 


    #3: House at Saltwater Point

    by Colleen Coble

    Lavender Tides #2



    NIV Value Thinline, Charcoal


    #4: NIV Value Thinline Bible

    LeatherLike, Charcoal/Black


    Amish Family


    #5: Amish Family

    by Kathleen Fuller


    Underground Railroad Brides Collection


    #6: Underground Railroad

    Brides Collection

    by Barbara Tifft Blakely & others



    SummerHill Secrets 1 


    #7 (tie): SummerHill Secrets,

    Volume 1

    by Beverly Lewis


    SummerHill Secrets 2


    #7 (tie): SummerHill Secrets,

    Volume 2

    by Beverly Lewis




    #8: Indescribable:

    100 Devotions for Kids

    by Louie Giglio




    #9: Rescue

    by Jim Cybala with Ann Spangler


    Child's First Bible 



    #10: Child's First Bible

    by Kenneth N. Taylor