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    We're so glad that you have decided to join us!


    We work as a team to match books with people’s needs, spreading the gospel with Christ-centered books through creative marketing strategies including home parties, churches, friends and neighbours, schools, libraries, conferences and more.


    download brochurePlease download our welcome brochure, which details

    • the basic information you need to know as a New Rep
    • recommended items you need as you get started
    • answers to some frequently asked questions.





    We also have a Facebook group for Living Books Reps & Distributors.  It is a “closed” group, which means it is not visible by the public. You can connect with each other, share your ideas & stories, post upcoming event leads, ask questions, and whatever else may be on your heart!  If you would like to become a member of the group, please let us know, and we will get you added!




    Rep Kit

    What is a New Rep Kit?
    The products in the New Rep Kit are carefully chosen, and represent “the best of the best” products from our line.  They are the items that we believe every Rep should have in stock at all times in order to anticipate your customers’ needs.  All items in the kits are in high demand—you shouldn’t get “stuck” with any of them!

    The Basic Kit is a pre-selected, $100 value assortment of new and bestselling books, offered to new Reps for only $60.  There are also three optional Add-On Kits, with $65 value selections from specialized categories (Children, Non-Fiction and Fiction & Gifts) which you may choose to add for only $40 each.


    What is the Purpose?
    The purpose of the New Rep Kit is to help you start your business and have an appropriate inventory on hand.


    download brochureWho is it For?
    • It is available for new Reps only

    • It must be bought within your first month


    Please download our New Rep Kit brochure for more info!


  • Fall 2019 Selections:

    Basic Kit:

    Value: $100; Cost: $60

    Jesus Storybook Bible   Rescue on the River   Love Does   Unbridled Faith   Love Comes Softly   NIV Value Thinline Charcoal


    Basic Kit contains: Jesus Storybook Bible (Sally Lloyd-Jones), Rescue on the River (Marianne Hering), Love Does (Bob Goff), Unbridled Faith (Cara Whitney), Love Comes Softly (Janette Oke), and the NIV Value Thinline Bible, Charcoal/Black LeatherLike, plus 4 Catalogues, 5 two-part Retail Sales Slips, and a Living Books Pen.


    Fiction & Gifts Add-On:
    Value: $65; Cost: $40 

    Timepiece   Strands of Truth   My Prayer Journal Hope & Healing   Birthday Value Box


    Fiction & Gifts Add-On Kit contains: Timepiece (Beverly Lewis), Strands of Truth (Colleen Coble), My Prayer Journal: Bible Encouragement for Hope & Healing, and Birthday Value Boxed Cards


    Non-Fiction Add-On:
    Value: $65; Cost: $40 

     Defying Jihad    Unplanned     How Happiness Happens    3 Minute Devotions from the Psalms


    Non-Fiction Add-On Kit contains: Defying Jihad (Esther Ahmad), Unplanned (Abby Johnson), How Happiness Happens (Max Lucado), and 3-Minute Devotions from the Psalms.


    Children's Add-On:
    Value: $65; Cost: $40 


    Indescribable     Squirreled Away     Lucy Doesn't Wear Pink     Epic Dog Show     Don't Close Your Eyes


    Children's Add-On Kit contains: Indescribable (Louie Giglio), Squirreled Away (Mike Nawrocki), Lucy Doesn't Wear Pink (Nancy Rue), Epic Dog Show (Jan & Mike Berenstain), and Don't Close Your Eyes (Bob Hostetler)




    Training Videos


    We know you will have questions as you get started.  Some of them may be addressed in the following training videos.  Check back often - we're working on making more of these videos!



    Meet Anne
    Anne is inspired to become a Rep for Living Books so that she can share good books with her community.



    Anne’s Christmas.

    Anne runs an open house with her mom to kick off her Christmas sales.


    Anne's Roadblock. 

    Anne's hit a roadblock in her business when it comes to bookkeeping, and needs some help!



    Here’s Anne
    Anne is a new Rep working through the first steps getting her business going.


    Anne's Team

    Anne mentors a team of new reps who sign up through her, and achieves Distributor status.


    Anne's Facebook.

    With the help of the Living Books team Anne sets up a business Facebook page to better keep in touch with her customers. 



    Meet Lillian.

    Anne develops a relationship with her local librarian Lillian who appreciates the new line of books.



    Meet Emma.

    Anne presents the Get Reading program at Emma’s school and also runs a successful book fair.


    Meet Becky.

    Anne recruits her good friend Becky to host a home party which they both enjoy.


    Meet Beverly.

    Anne pursues the opportunity to sell books in the Seniors Home that her faithful customer Beverly lives in.


    Meet Ruby. 

    Anne is reminded of the ministry opportunity of every pubic event when she helps Ruby find the right book for her struggle.