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  • What you get when you Get Reading!


    * prizes for readers aged 6 to 13!
    * Grand Prizes for top readers!
    * better reading and language skills!
    * a head-start for school!
    * relief of holiday "boredom!"
    * more enjoyable travelling!
    * an anytime, anywhere activity!
    * a valuable replacement for screen time!
    * a stimulated imagination!
    * reinforcement of family values!


    Here's How You Can Join the Get Reading Program!


    1. Register with any participating Living Books Rep or Distributor, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  They'll give you a Get Reading Summer flyer with a reading list, a reporting form and a sign-up bonus of a free bookmark! 

    2. Start reading! (Your parent must OK each book.)

    3. List on the reporting form all the books you read between July 1 and August 31.  (You can ask your mom or dad for help.)  

    4. After August 31, turn in your reporting form to your Living Books Rep or Distributor.  They will award your prize!  


    Great Prizes You Can Earn


    Prizes will be awarded on the points you earn.
    • You get one point for every book you read.
    • You get two points for every book you read from your age category that you purchased from your Living Books Rep or Distributor!


    Prizes 15 pts 30 pts 45 pts
    Ages 6-9 Stickers          Velvet Poster
    Ages 10-13

    Stretch Bangles



    Necklace or Faith



    Age is as of August 31, 2018.   Older children may participate in the 10 - 13 category at the discretion of their Living Books Rep or Distributor.  Living Books and its Reps and Distributors reserve the right to substitute prizes of equal value.  Interpretation and application  of the rules and conditions of this program is at the sole discretion of Living Books Inc.


    Grand Prizes


    Living Books will compile all entries from across Canada, and award a grand prize to
    the top reader in each age group!


    Ages 6-9:

    Odyssey Bible       


    Ages 10-13:




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