• Successful Living of Canada began in 1974 with the goal of making Christ-centred books available in the general marketplace across Canada.  "SL" closed its doors in 1985, but from that emerged two couples that had been Distributors with them since the mid-seventies.  Martin and Janice Whitbread, along with Lloyd and Arlene Schulz incorporated Living Books in 1986.


    Building on our training, clientele and experience, and with God's strength and faithfulness, we have expanded our territory both in breadth and depth.  Our network of resellers can be found in 10 Canadian Provinces and one Territory.


    In the 1990s, the work of Choice Books was added to our sphere of business/ministry.  This included commerical accounts (e.g. grocery stores, pharmacies, etc) in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Alberta, Ontario and the Maritime provinces.


    In 2007, we were joined by many Distributors of New Life Marketing and Distribution, which had been an Edmonton based company.  We have been blessed to have their experience and enthusiasm, so together we are reaching our neighbours, friends and families with life-changing books.


    We continue to add new people to our team, and new opportunities for serving our market.  We are thankful for God's sustaining grace in giving us the tools and contacts to fulfill our calling.

  • Martin and Janice

    Martin & Janice Whitbread

    Owners & Operators of Living Books